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Communication Skills

A good arbitrator displays effective communication skills by being patient, understanding, flexible as well as a good listener. All parties are given a chance to be heard. We are flexible and do not burden the parties with unnecessary formalities.


We have the knowledge and expertise in the matters over which we preside. A good arbitrator quickly and accurately grasps the issues in dispute and after applying his knowledge makes an award that conclusively ends the matter.


Being objective and impartial lends credence and integrity to the process. We take all the facts into consideration which helps us refrain from taking sides.


Arbitration is private and confidential and we understand the need to maintain discretion throughout the proceedings and in the decision.

Johan Richards

Construction Law & Arbitration

Johan Richards is a Professional Quantity Surveyor and Arbitrator with years of experience. He completed his BSc(QS) at the University of Pretoria.  Johan spent 2 years in the United Kingdom where he worked for Henry Boot Construction, near Sheffield in South Yorkshire. In 1993 he returned to South Africa. He completed his LLM in Construction Law and Arbitration at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Johan is a Fellow of the Association of Arb itrators, a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a member of the South African Association of Quantity Surveyors, a member of the Chartered Institute of Building and a registered member of the South African Council of Quantity Surveyors.

What we do

In the Construction industry we provide:



Arbitration is a procedure whereby parties that have an existing dispute, refer their dispute to a third party, known as an Arbitrator for a final decision, known as an Award. Because the parties have the power to appoint the Arbitrator, the process should be quicker and cheaper than litigation.


The legal process by which an arbitrator or judge reviews evidence and argumentation, including legal reasoning set forth by opposing parties to come to a decision which determines rights and obligations between the parties involved.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, a way of facilitating disputes between two or more parties with concrete effects. Typically, a third party, the mediator, assists the parties to find the solution for their dispute and agree to implement their own solution.

Latest News


What happens when your Arbitrator dies

Jonathan W Mitchell in his article published 2 December 2016, noted that some parties take out life coverage on the life of the arbitrator for the duration of the arbitration. Each party contributes equally towards the premium for the time the arbitration is on and once the award is handed down, the policy is cancelled. By doing this, if the arbitrator dies before the award is given at least the parties have funds to do it all over again.



Lord Toulson 1946 - 2017

Lord Toulson, a senior English judge behind serveral key arbitration-related judgements, has died aged 70, less than a year after retiring from the Supreme Court to become an arbitrator.


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